Dr. Josef Wimmer · December 31, 2021

May this last day of the year MMXXI be lived and completed in a velvet mood!

What might „velvet“ possibly mean in all this furiosity and insanity we are going through who knows for how long still?

It might be that soft-eyed glance on things and people which never stops granting them a second chance, even if it seems impossible.

Who needs it most?

The most needy people are the corrupted ones. They not only betray others, they harm themselves. In their insatiable greediness they overlook their real needs, most of all the need for true love. Probably these poor people never felt being loved by their closest ones.
How can we help them?

First of all by being merciful with ourselves and treating ourselves with velvet gloves…

Secondly by letting mentally and cordially shine our light of merci over all those in need of love. Not just once and for a few seconds in a kind of arrow prayer, but in a continuous having them in our minds and hearts!

This can be trained like any other ability. Just remind yourself again and again of their misery and send them your best wishes!

And if you, dear reader, are one of those in need of love - please take mine and be aware that all love comes from THE ONE WHO IS LOVE EVER NEARBY: יהוה, I AM, fully incarnated in Jesus whom we Christians together with his apostles adore as the Messiah of Israel!

I wish you a very happy, blessed and rejuvenating NEW YEAR!